Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You've got skills! And I have no flexibility.

After work today I'm heading to my first yoga class in over a year. My
hamstrings are already crying out for mercy before I've even started.

I'll be that girl in class: the one cringing through a basic forward bend while the superstar in the front row is Namaste-ing her way through the poses like it's a leisurely Sunday stroll. Hey superstar? Namaste this!

I have a tendancy to compare my skills to others; to want what they have and not be content in the time, work and practice it takes to acheive that goal, skill, etc etc. The more I think about what I CAN'T do the less confidence and drive I have. Instead of focusing on the skills and gifts I have - I focus one the ones I don't. And then the jealousy creeps in.

Life circumstances aside (that's a whole other post), your skills and gifts are ones you've worked hard for and been given because they are uniquely yours! God doesn't give or do just anything without purpose.

And that my friends, is where I'm choosing to put my focus and trust.

Make a list of things you do well; your gifts and skills. You may be surprised at how talented you actually are! Now make another list of things you want to try for the first time or give another shot. Which ones stick out? If it's something you once gave up, consider the reasons why you quit and your incentive to start again. That little encouraging voice is most likely God whispering away. Lean into that - He's smart. :)

And the greatest thing about learning new skills and gaining confidence in them? The JOY you find in it! The sense of accomplishment and renewed faith!

So while you're finding every reason in the book to NOT take that surfing class for fear of falling every 2 seconds and looking like a fool....think of me in the back of my yoga class attempting to touch my toes. If it doesn't give you inspiration - at least it will make you laugh.

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