Wednesday, January 18, 2012

5k+ training - Week 3

It's -30 with wind chill and blowing snow right now and all I can think about is:
a) wanting to stay home from work on the couch with a fuzzy blanket, tea/Baileys and dogs asleep on my feet;
b) if the pipes in my house will freeze again; and
c) Running outside. Spring - come onnnnn!

Trying to train inside on a treadmill while watching reruns of Dawson's Creek (don't hate - it's my highschool obsession) at 6am just isn't the same as crisp morning air and pavement. I'd rather be laying on the couch watching TV - not running in front of it!

That being said, so far I'm slowly on my way to getting back into form. I'm hoping to be running a 5k by my birthday in April (or sooner) and a 10k by June. AND - if I'm seriously feeling it, maybe even a half-marathon in August.

Quite honestly though, if I can make it to the 10k mark without wrecking my knees/back again I will be beyond happy!

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