Saturday, September 3, 2011

Summer "Vacation"

It's been 10 months since I publicly posted on this blog. I've still been writing and reading, but for my eyes only.

I was recently on holidays at one of my favourite places: Tofino. The ocean, the air and the whole lifestyle of the West Coast always rejuvenates me - but this year was different. I came back with the knowledge that I have been ducking and avoiding situations that would force me continue in a relationship I felt I needed a break from. I let certain people and certain situations dictate my faith this past year, and it had drained me.

I almost felt I needed a "summer vacation" from God and the physical church. I still set apart time to journal and read, but never actively pursued Christ and felt relieved that I wasn't obligated to anyone for 3 months.

Reality check! I am still obligated to to HIM. Hello? Who am I kidding here? It took a rainy, blustery and freezing cold morning run in Tofino to make me realize that a certain Someone was literally throwing a bucket of cold water on my face to wake me up! Follow ME in all situations and seek MY name - stop letting stressful situations control how I feel about my Jesus!

I recently finished reading Rumors of God (HIGHLY recommend it) and it's confirmed in me that now is the time to really wake up. To strongly pursue Him and call others to do the same. It also caused me to throw the book at the wall a few times because it's seriously challenging.

Summer reading - and summer vacation is over.