Monday, January 2, 2012

It's that time again...

...the obligatory New Years Resolution post.
And this time I'm making it public instead of hiding it away in my journal - because quite honestly it's way too easy to stuff that list away and pretend it never existed. This way it's up on my fridge AND the bloggity-blog. Internet - I'm putting it out there for you to see!

I've never been a huge fan of resolutions, because to me it seems like an excuse to make up some kind of obligation just because everyone else is, and then 2 months later you fall back into old habits. It's that time of year when goals are set because the New Year is a "do-over" and a chance to forget what was done or not done in the past year. Personally, I believe goals (or resolutions) can and should be set at any point during the year. Why do we wait until December 31 to come up with something? It seems like it's a form of procrastination. "I'll do this until December 31 and then January 1 it's allll over".

Do it now.

I'm guilty of being a horrible procrastinator. A couple months ago something happened that made me re-think my priorities and my path. My behavior is so often influenced by a desire to conform to the expectations of others rather than inner conviction. I was seeking attention and I had partially slipped back into my old habits of doing (almost) anything to get it. In one moment I realized what I was doing. God called me out on it and that part of my life I had refused to give up.

It's been an interesting journey since then. One that's forced me to really change certain aspects of my life. And now is the time to continue in that. It just so happens that the new year has come in the middle of it :)

So for 2012 - I'm continuing towards these goals and am excited to see where this time next year will have me:

- Focus more on my own path and not the paths of those around me;
- I'm often 5-10 minutes late for everything (except work). Punctuality will be a big focus this year;
- Commit to spending more time in the relationships that matter most (family and friends(who are like family), my students/leaders in youth ministry) and less time in those that are destructive and inhibiting. And of course forming new valuable relationships;
- Daily devotions. I really find every excuse not to spend time doing this in the morning, even when I recognize the great mindset it gives me each day;
- Run a 10k by the summer. Knees refuse to let me do more than a few km at this point, but I am determined to condition and train my body properly to reach this goal if I'm physically able to;
- Get the tattoo I've been contemplating for the past 4 years. Small, simple and extremely meaningful;
- Be happy in my work. I've recently reached a point where I can feel changes coming - this year will be huge for me in terms of my employment....;
- Start swimming and doing yoga more often again;
- Be thankful much more often and take more risks. I focus too much on things I consider to be hinderances (my allergies, certain personality traits and my past) and allow those to dictate my decisions.
- Trust in the gifts God has given me, and actively listen to Him more. My goal is to live out Psalm 119:33-40.

Fear has been a strong component in my life for too long. It's slowly becoming a less noticeable factor and I'm determined to work on it even more.

Happy 2012!


  1. Fear is a natural response to a perceived threat. So often when we set resolutions, when we decide to make the change we've been longing to make, to go after the dream that's been burning in our hearts, our comfort zones get threatened and we become paralyzed by the fear. Every time we back down, every time we choose not to make that change, not to take the next step towards the dream we say yes to the fear and no to the future and destiny God has for us.

    Every time you come up against resistance remember it's not YOU that is being threatened, it's your status quo. Every time you tell yourself you can't do something ask yourself: Is this the next step towards my dream or am I trying to keep my comfort zone safe?

    These are the questions I'll be asking myself this year in what I have declared my personal year of "NO FEAR".

    Great post Kim.

    1. The year of no fear....I like that!

      "Every time you tell yourself you can't do something ask yourself: Is this the next step towards my dream or am I trying to keep my comfort zone safe?"

      And this - I'm currently researching going back to school and I have to keep repeating something very similar to myself. It's scary.

      Thanks Heather :)