Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The big C

Christ....and Cancer. For me, the 2 go hand in hand.

Cancer has touched my life more than I ever thought it would. My Mom's battle with Cancer almost 5 years ago is what brought me to Christ. It is the biggest part of my testimony and one day I'll do a series of entries from my journals over those 8 months.

3 years ago it was discovered to be affecting my Dad. He beat it too.

Just over a year ago my beautiful friend Christy lost her battle with it. However, her fight and her faith have left a huge mark on this community and many many lives. God used her in ways that were miraculous!

Last night my family found out my aunt, my Mom's oldest sister, is fighting it.

I am tired of this disease. I am tired of it breaking apart families, causing anger, hate and blame. I am tired of the Enemy jumping for joy when he gets exactly what he wants.


I admit that I am not always content with His ways. In fact, I have moments where I am angry with Him. However, I refuse to back down this time and live in my anger. I will fight with every ounce of Truth that I possess. I will show my God-given emotions because they are NOT signs of weakness. I will pray that His will be done in all circumstances and that my family (who do not know Him) will find their strength and solace in the arms of the Redeemer.

I have gone through this battle without God and I have gone through it with Him. You make the call on which way is the clear matter the outcome.

Much love and many many blessings.

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