Thursday, March 8, 2012

Let me pray you through....

The past few days have been full of family. Full of laughing, crying and sharing hugs, tears, prayers and memories. Yesterday was our last trip to Kamloops, where most of our time has been spent these past few weekends. It was time to say goodbye to a sister, aunt, wife, mother, grandmother and friend. We all knew it could be the last time. My hope and comfort is in the arms of my family and it is found in Him throughout it all. Watching someone you love be ravaged by something that takes away the simplest of abilities is heartbreaking, but she was strong through it all. Strength that came from her wonderful husband, her incredible daughter (love you Shan) and the numerous family members constantly at her side. Her personality shone through.

This morning, Auntie Carol was released from her suffering. And went Home to be with Jesus and to see her Dad, my beloved Grandpa again.
I love you Auntie C - thank you for being one of the most unique women I've ever known. Your colorful hair and style matched the most colorful of personalities. Your stubborness was that of all the Hathaway sisters and daughters. You were truly one of a kind and I'm glad you never changed.
Thank you for the thumbs up and the winks these past few weeks saying you loved us when you couldn't get the words out. Even the gentle hand squeezes and brow raises yesterday were enough because that's all the strength you had. My anger at this disease was replaced with a sense of peace because of that. I thank God for it.

I'm wearing purple for you today, and guess what - I might even suck it up and get my nails done because of the look you gave me last week. I will treasure that. I love you.

The walls are closing in, you feel alone, you feel afraid
Your heart begins to bend, you take a breath and then
It starts to break

So lift your shaking hands, don't say a word, I'll stay with you
The tears will heal the pain, You shouldn't be ashamed
To come undone

Fall down and let me carry you
I'll carry you

I'm all out of words
There's nothing I could say to you
To take away the hurt
So let me pray you through

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