Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Driven to distractions

I get distracted when I'm driving. Whether it's changing the song on my Ipod because I don't feel like rocking out to Lady Gaga at 7am, trying to find a free cupholder to put my coffee mug in or staring at the red light until I don't even realize it turns green....I'm distracted.
So is the lady in the lane beside me who's too busy putting on her lipstick and curling her eyelashes in the car to notice that she's about 5 feet INTO the intersection and blocking traffic. OK, I'm not THAT bad thank goodness.

Point being, distractions take our focus off the task at hand, our current path and our ultimate goal.

My ultimate goal in the morning is to get to work....but my ultimate goal in life is to live according to His word, to live a life pleasing to the Lord in order to receive my reward in Heaven.

But like that daily drive to work, life is lived one day at a time. ONE DAY. And one day holds too many distractions to count.

Keeping my eyes and heart on Him during those 24 hours is harder than keeping my eyes 100% focused on the road. But we can seek comfort in the fact that if we find our wheels turning off His road, or even when we lose complete control - simply asking Him to "take the wheel" is enough.

What are some daily things that distract you from God?

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